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About Us

Our team, here at Painter Pickering, greets you! Say hello to the professionals that would go all out to serve you in the best way, from start to finish, no matter your project. Always feel free to make contact with our company for commercial, office, and home painting services in Pickering, Ontario.

If you are bouncing between painting companies, don’t know whom to trust, aren’t sure which team can take over the project you want, devote a minute to learn more about us and see if we are the right fit for you. Something tells us that you’ll love what you’ll read. Ready to learn about the painters Pickering people trust and trust over and over again, for years?

Painter Pickering, the things that define our company

About Us

At Painter Pickering, we have tremendous experience in this domain and thus, bring knowledge to every project. And while this play an enormous role in the way the job is done, there are more things that define us and the excellence of our work. Should we tell you?

  •          Our team remains updated with the trendiest patterns, the latest trends, the changes that happen in the industry. When you get advice from us about painting techniques, colors, décor solutions, you can be sure of our knowledge.
  •          We also know details about all materials – from stucco and wood to brick and drywall. We know which coatings adhere better, how these materials react, how they must be prepped for the best finishing result.
  •          One of the most fundamental phases of all painting jobs is the preparatory stage. That’s all the drywall repairs and the deck repairs and the surface flaws fixing that are done. Whether this is an interior or exterior painting job, the blemishes are addressed to perfection.

Commercial and residential painting services with attention to details

We give our heart and soul to every single residential or commercial painting project. Even if this is a small-scale job, it is done with complete attention to the material, its preparation, the coatings, the way the entire service is done.

Yes, you can turn to us for commercial and residential painting services – small or big jobs, for the interior and/or exterior. You will be happy to know that we have the equipment, the tools, the machinery – all things required for such jobs. No matter the building, how demanding a job may be, the challenges we may face along the way, the project is completed within the agreed time-window, to your full satisfaction.

Don’t you want the best exterior and interior painters on your job?

Relying on seasoned, certified commercial and house painters who don’t only have the experience but also the commitment to complete all jobs to perfection is essential.

Painting properties is the easy way to transform them into beauties, to change the décor, to make the environment fresh, inviting, and healthy. But the secret to enjoying all that is to make sure it is done correctly, from the prep work and the color/coating selection to the finishing part. And that becomes easy when you rely on professional, fully devoted painters.

Work with the best painters in Pickering to enjoy even the process, let alone the results, by assigning the job to us. Why don’t you call us to get an estimate? There’s no obligation on your part and you don’t have to pay for it. Isn’t that great? Get in touch with Pickering Painter, tell us what you dream, what you plan, what you want. Don’t you want to discuss with experts?