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Door Painting Pickering

Do you want to change the color of your home doors? Would you like to refresh their color? To book door painting, Pickering homeowners only have to put their trust in our team. Go ahead and share your plans with us. Request a free quotation for the door painting service in Pickering, Ontario.

Our team at Painter Pickering is ready to serve. We stand here ready to answer questions and can send a pro to check your doors and discuss the painting project with you. Couldn’t you use some color consultation? Don’t you want to know details about the service and the overall work process along with the cost? Get answers, consultation, and costs without paying and with no obligation, and have your doors painted by experienced pros.

Time for door painting? Pickering painters at your service

All doors can be painted. Pickering door painting jobs may involve anything you may actually need.

  •          Both interior and exterior doors painted
  •          Just the interior home doors painted
  •          Front door painting service – in & out
  •          Garage door painting – in & out
  •          Kitchen cupboard & cabinet doors painting

It’s clear that you can paint house doors easily. You just leave the project to us. And you can have just one or all house doors refreshed, painted, stained, or repainted. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about swing, sliding, or French doors. The painters finish doors of all types. And they have the experience to properly prep and paint all door materials – from laminate and vinyl to wood.

Want the front door refreshed? Interior doors painting?

On all occasions, the painters use suitable coatings for the door in question. It always depends on the material. It also depends on whether they need to paint interior doors or exterior doors. The location and level of moisture also define the coatings needed – just to ensure resistance and thus, longevity.

Just like you can have one or all doors painted, you can also have doors painted along with their casings and other trims. Or, you can combine painting doors and windows along with their trims. In other words, you can make any painting combinations you consider important for a consistent and upgraded look in your home.

Since no door is totally free of even some minor dents, the pros fix everything before they carry on with the prep work. They clean, sand, scrape, and overall prep and prime as needed to perfect the door surface and ensure that the finishing paint adheres well and looks great.

Ready to have house doors painted? Let’s talk

With us, painting doors becomes a breeze. You get color consultation and help with your finish decisions and have the doors of your house painted properly for a fantastic appearance, easy cleaning, and resistance. Want to breathe life into your doors? If so, it’s time we talked. Contact our team and book a free no-obligation estimate for the needed door painting in Pickering.