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Garage Door Painting Pickering

Have you decided to refresh the looks of your garage door with a new color? If you are interested in garage door painting in Pickering, Ontario, be happy for you just found the number one team for such demanding projects. Why spend a considerable amount of money on equipment and a weekend or two painting a garage door when you can have the job done by experts in no time and affordably?

Painter Pickering is experienced with such services. We are experienced with all garage door materials too. And so, the job is done correctly, from the initial prep phase to the finishing stage. Isn’t this great to know?

Whether for a steel or wood garage door, painting Pickering service

Now that you know that our team is available for garage door painting services in Pickering, let’s talk about materials. You see, since the garage door materials differ so should the paint products. Painting aluminum garage doors is not the same as painting wooden garage doors. Right? Materials vary, basically due to their porosity. Then some materials, like aluminum, are hard to paint.

Of course, you can trust our company with the painting service for garage doors of any material.

  •          Aluminum or steel garage door painting
  •          Wood garage door painting
  •          Vinyl garage door painting
  •          Fiberglass garage doors
  •          Composite garage doors

Want to book a garage door painting contractor?

When a garage door painting contractor comes out to offer color consultation and a free estimate for the service, they also check the material. They also see if the door is already painted and now the paint is peeling. And they make a note of the door panel’s condition. And so, should you entrust the job to our company, the painters show up fully prepared to do the job to a T.

Before the actual garage door painting service gets started, the panel is prepped. The surrounding area is covered as are all garage door parts that must be protected. This part of the job is done with the utmost diligence since the good and safe performance of garage doors depends on the parts. If, for example, paints land on the tracks, the garage door may get stuck or make weird noises.

All garage doors are thoroughly prepped and painted

Since all painters have experience with all garage door materials, they prep them as required. They clean and sand as needed, having as their goal to remove chips and paint residues and make the surface as smooth as required for the painting job. They prime, as required, to ensure the good adherence of the paint, especially when it comes to the outer part of the door that is exposed to the elements. Among other advantages of entrusting this service to our team, you also get consultation about the coatings and colors. We make suggestions depending on your home style and personal taste, and also recommend finish options for a great appearance, high resistance, and easy cleaning.

Having the garage door painted is a matter of turning to our team. With our company on the job, you get excellent results, the service done when you need it done, and rates that won’t scare you away. If you want to find out firsthand, reach us. Say that you are interested in asking for a Pickering garage door painting service and we’ll take it from there. How does it sound?