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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Want your kitchen cabinets refinished? Are we talking about wooden cabinets that could use a bright color? If it comes to kitchen cabinet painting in Pickering, Ontario, our company is the right choice for the job. Why should you choose Painter Pickering for the service?

  •          We are experienced with cabinet painting services and know how to transform all kitchens to meet every customer’s style and taste.
  •          The painters are skilled in finishing cabinets of all types, no matter the material and how intricate the design is.
  •          You get a free estimate and color consultation, from the very start, with no obligation on your part.
  •          The overall cost to have the kitchen cabinets painted is reasonable. The final cost is shaped by the number of cabinets, the kitchen’s size, and similar factors.
  •          You can turn to our team whether you want the kitchen cabinets painted, repainted, or stained. We cover all kitchen cabinet finishing needs.
  •          The service involves painting the kitchen cabinets but you can also mix & match jobs, like having the crown molding over the cabinetry painted too. Or having the whole kitchen painted, the cabinets included of course. Or, having the kitchen cabinets painted along with the trims and the door.

How you can book kitchen cabinet painting in Pickering

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Pickering

The process of learning more about the service and actually booking kitchen cabinet painting? Pickering homeowners only have to contact our team. You can go ahead and send us a message or simply call. Make an appointment to meet with a local painting contractor who will take a look at the kitchen cabinetry and talk about the project with you. We need to know the details so that you can get expert consultation and an estimate. So, let’s do that. Get in touch with our team and say that you want to book a free consultation and estimate for a kitchen cabinet painting job.

Painting or repainting kitchen cabinetry is now easy. Learn more

Whether you book cabinet refinishing or first-time painting, the appointed pros first remove the hardware and all removable sections. They clean, fix, and prep as needed. As we said, our team is available for all finishing projects.

  •          Kitchen cabinets painting
  •          Kitchen cabinet repainting
  •          Kitchen cabinet staining

In spite of the project, the pros first take care of some minor glitches and prep the surfaces to make them as soft and smooth as needed in order to be painted well. The prep stage is very important since it defines the results – in other words, the appearance of the cabinets – the resistance of the paints, and how long the paints will last. Let us – once more – assure you that all painters appointed to prep and finish cabinets are experienced with all materials. Whether these are vinyl, fiberglass, wooden, or composite cabinets, they are finished and prepped in the correct manner. Why would you settle for anything different? Why should you hold back if you are interested in a Pickering kitchen cabinet painting job when you can effortlessly get a free estimate and information about such services? Should we talk?