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Residential Painting

Want your residence painted in Pickering, Ontario? You’d be happy to know that you just found the number one residential painting Pickering company! Our team serves all residential structures, from private homes and condos to entire apartment buildings. You can trust us with the interior and the exterior painting, with small jobs, with challenging jobs. Anything from kitchen cabinets painting to finishing a home that has suffered substantial water damage is done with the same professionalism and diligence. Say hello to a fresh environment, a healthy home by trusting your job to Painter Pickering.

Your go-to residential painting Pickering team

Residential Painting Pickering

Due to our experience to serve all structures, we have become the go-to residential painting Pickering team. Instead of wondering whom to contact for the painting job at your apartment, studio, home, or a building, get in touch with us. Whether this is a small- or large-scale job, we pay attention to the material, the surfaces, possible damage, the exposure of the building to the elements, your color and coating preferences – all things.

Should we talk? It’s best if we know what you want and the requirements at your property to give you solutions and an estimate. Do you like that? It’s free of charge, no strings attached either. Say the word and we’ll have an experienced residential painting contractor to your place whenever it works best for you. Sounds good?

The list of residential painting services

When we say that we are available for complete residential painting services, we really mean it. Want the interior painted? Just the exterior? Both? Only a couple of rooms or the kitchen cabinets? We are on it. And not just that.

The painting services involve much more than refreshing the color of the walls or adding more color to your life. You see, our ultimate intention is to create beautiful environments, without blemishes. To transform properties, interiors, and exteriors. To make all environments inviting, but also healthy. And so, we focus on several aspects. Should we show you?

  •          The contractor offers consultation regarding the colors, the coatings, the patterns, the décor choices, anything from placing stone on the wall to installing wallpaper.
  •          The ceiling and wall imperfections are fixed. These bruised corners are addressed. The painters start by doing all sorts of drywall repairs, while they can also remove popcorn ceilings and old wallpaper. Outside, they can repair decks and fences, caulk windows and doors, scrape old paints. You get the picture – all flaws are perfectly fixed.
  •          The choice of the paint’s quality is made based on the environment (wet or not, inside/outside) and the material (stucco, drywall, wood, metal, brick).

As you can see, all the required preparatory work is done in a proficient manner, while attention is given to all things – from the paints to the colors. Why settle for less? Think all that will cost you a lot? Far from it. After all, you can get a free estimate, remember? Why don’t you do that? Should we talk specifics about your Pickering residential painting project and take it from there? Make contact with us.